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Why everyone using
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What is Retargeting?

You have seen it all before – one minute you’re searching for cheap flights to Fiji, and the next minute your Facebook feed is full of Fiji deals.

…what an amazing coincidence!

Not Really...

By installing code called a pixel on YOUR webpage, you can put ads in front of people who have already visited your website.

The advantage of that…

  • You already know that they are in your area, or interested in your area of expertise.
  • Your brand is reinforced by them seeing you again.
  • …and they are actively looking for the solution that you offer.

...and it doesn't stop there

The pixel can also retarget actions taken on your site.
…like visits to particular pages, subscribing , adding to cart or starting the checkout sequence.

This means you can be even more specific with your retargeting – we have bars that retarget visitors to their Functions page with functions offers, and What’s on visitors are shown event promotions.

…and retarget what they DIDN’T visit – recover abandoned shopping carts by targeting the add to cart action that didn’t end at the checkout. 


Imagine being able to offer this to a visitor to your site that looked at your menu but didn’t order?

An example of Facebook Retargeting for Restaurants

You know that they are interested in a local dentist – why not offer them an incentive to walk through the door?

An example of Facebook Retargeting for Dentists

Why Facebook Ads?

What can Facebook Ads do?

Retargeted Customer are...

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What our customers have said...

“OMG love it. You are the best”

Michelle – Labour Hire Business

“I must thank you so much – I never would have known it was so easy to turn customers on like a tap”

Mick –  Rural Hardware Store

“Awesome, love your work. legendary”

Roxy – Inner City Bar and Restaurant

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